Saki Bar Hagi

Nearby is Hagi a Japanese Saki/Sports bar. It is rather difficult to find since it is located down a stairway which leads you to its' basement location where a primarily Japanese clientele congregates. And for good reason; you get delicious cheap Japanese small plates such as yakitori style skewers. I got the chicken skin, pork belly, calf liver, quail eggs, duck and ginko nuts. All good! Also, had the grilled yellow tail collar, the dumplings, the fried chicken and the Hijiki seaweed. Oh, and at the last minute, I ordered the corn dog (big mistake). I think by then, the two pitchers of Kirin had gone to my head and I was acting impulsively....it happens.
Saki Bar Hagi
152 W 49th St Btwn 6th & 7th Ave

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