A Voce (Time Warner Center)

A Voce is well known and liked in Manhattan, so it was no surprise to find myself at their new restaurant at the Time Warner location on opening night. I usually give a restaurant a couple of months to settle-in and work out their kinks before visiting, but I felt confident that A Voce would have their charcuterie in a row. And with Chef Missy Robbins at the helm, they did!
The restaurant itself is located on the third floor of the Time Warner building with beautiful views of Columbus Circle and Central Park. It is a modern space decorated in an array of honey tones, and a partial open kitchen view. Service was on point and there were a lot of servers on hand to cater to your every whim. But, let me start at the beginning or actually the bar. A very cordial bartender poured me a wonderfully executed Martini 3 olives. There are certain food items on the bar menu that differ from the table service, so when I found out I would only be able to get the Bone Marrow at the bar, I wasted no time. The Bone Marrow arrived sliced diagonally with olive oil toast. I love Bone Marrow, but this one seemed a bit undercooked since it was rather red nearest the bone and a bit
chewier, I've definitely had better.
I was then seated at a nice table for two where I truly enjoyed dinner starting with the ricotta cheese and bread that is provided by the house. Then arrived the delicious Antipasti of Pancetta pork belly with fresh figs, balsamic and pistachios.
For Primi Piatti, the perfect not to be missed orecchiette with roasted pork jowl, sofrito and arugula was split in half for both of us and still was a generous portion.
Secondi was the Trota Alla Griglia trout with crispy fingerlings, bitter greens and an anchovy vinaigrette.
There are many tempting fabulous desserts like the Bombolini Alla Toscana, tuscan doughnuts with bittersweet chocolate, but having surpassed my eating limit I only ordered a cup of coffee which to my surprise came accompanied with powdered sugar dusted, honey drizzled fried dough. I guess you can't escape your fate.


Agua Dulce Brunch

Agua Dulce is a nuevo latino inspired restaurant which recently opened for brunch and I was there on their first Sunday serving. Lets start by saying that the restaurant is decked out with a cool design. Service is wonderful. They are very attentive and nice, which is exactly what you need on a Sunday. The food and drinks however need some work. Eggs... yes eggs are one of the most complicated dishes to master. And lets just say that the chef has not mastered his huevos yet! Here you see the Skirt steak & eggs winking. The Benedicto has barely present braised pork on jalapeƱo cornbread topped with "lightly" poached eggs with chili hollandaise sauce. On the side, I ordered the yuca home fries which were speckled with chorizo and were pretty good. I love HOT, but the Bloody Mary is spiced too heavily to be enjoyed and at $13, it's more expensive than the brunch dishes. Oh, and the coffee is weak. I won't give up on this place; I'll let them get better acquainted with their new menu and try them again soon. Until then.. Happy Brunching!


The Redhead

I've been wanting to go the The Redhead for quite a while, so tonight I ventured into this quaint restaurant for a casual dinner with great food.
At the bar there was a lot of football stats talk, but all I was concentrating on was the delectable libation that was being created before my very eyes. Meet the jala~pina made with silver tequila infused with pineapple and jalapeno peppers. I had two!
(followed by beers)
Along with some chips and onion dip, who cares what else is going on?
Of course then I had to try their famous bacon peanut brittle which was good, and warrants the accolades; but for me, I prefer my peanut brittle on a bark, from a rest stop, on a road trip to Disney World. Dinner consisted of buttermilk fried chicken with cornbread and a spinach, strawberry, almond salad, also the grilled lamb t-bones on black eyed peas with mushroom succotash and onion rings. These dishes were nicely done and was completed with a cookie brownie on-the-house to-go. mmm...
The Redhead
349 E 13th St, New York 10003
(Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave)



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OH NO!!! I think I already gained 5 pounds! (but, it was worth it.)