Agua Dulce Brunch

Agua Dulce is a nuevo latino inspired restaurant which recently opened for brunch and I was there on their first Sunday serving. Lets start by saying that the restaurant is decked out with a cool design. Service is wonderful. They are very attentive and nice, which is exactly what you need on a Sunday. The food and drinks however need some work. Eggs... yes eggs are one of the most complicated dishes to master. And lets just say that the chef has not mastered his huevos yet! Here you see the Skirt steak & eggs winking. The Benedicto has barely present braised pork on jalapeƱo cornbread topped with "lightly" poached eggs with chili hollandaise sauce. On the side, I ordered the yuca home fries which were speckled with chorizo and were pretty good. I love HOT, but the Bloody Mary is spiced too heavily to be enjoyed and at $13, it's more expensive than the brunch dishes. Oh, and the coffee is weak. I won't give up on this place; I'll let them get better acquainted with their new menu and try them again soon. Until then.. Happy Brunching!

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