John Varvatos Thursday Nite LIVE: Michael Monroe

Fashion designer John Varvatos opened his 315 Bowery store in 2008 at the space once occupied by the legendary CBGB. Preserving the interior brick walls of the club, still with original grafiti, posters, fliers,and memorobilia amongst the racks of clothing, the fashion designer created Thursday Nite Live on the first Thursday of every month, to bring good ol' Rock 'n Roll back to the Bowery.

On the bill, this time around, in his first NYC concert in 15 years, was none other than Glam God Michael Monroe and his band all the way from Finland. Comprising of ex-Hanoi Rocks bandmate,  bassist Sammi Yaffa; Guitarists Steve Conte of the New York Dolls and Ginger of Wildhearts, and Drummer Karl Rosqvist of Danzig.

At 9:00pm, with the room packed and feeling good from the free PBR's, Tanteo Tequila cocktails and Icelandic Glacial water, the band took the stage. Monroe, tall, wiry, full on make up, eyeliner and his trademark blonde mane showed everyone why his name is still mentioned among the all time great performers. Didn't know? Just ask Axl Rose.

During the 12 song set, comprised of old and new songs and a couple of covers, Monroe performed leaping from stage to monitor to off stage, all the while never missing a beat. Even throwing-in a split or two (or three). At one point, while jumping off a monitor, he hit his head on an overhead speaker and with blood streaming down his face, still was able to pick ups his sax and continue the show.

The band finished their performance with an encore that included "Kick Out the Jams" in honor of Varvatos's Detroit roots; as the crowd, including Debbie Harry, looked forward to the Band's full show the following Sunday night at the Highline Ballroom with local group, The Dirty Pearls opening.


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