comfort food


Definition of COMFORT FOOD

: food prepared in a traditional style having a usually nostalgic or sentimental appeal.

Aperol Spritz

When you're feeling happy or blue, or just in a blah mood, there's usually only one thing you can turn to, good ol' COMFORT FOOD! Now, imagine indulging in all the comfort classics reinvented in New York style in one yummy night.  New Taste of the Upper West Side "Comfort Classics" delivered a fabulous foodie evening filled with innovative comfort foods. 35 of Upper West Side's popular chefs and restaurants gathered to cook-up their inventive interpretation of comfort foods that any sophisticated adult would relish while, the fat kid inside of all of us would giggle in bliss. Travel Channel's Adam Richman (Man v. Food Nation) and Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern) hosted the food frenzy party with special guests, Tony Abou-Gamin (Modern Mixologist) and Ellie Krieger who signed and gave out copies of her book Comfort Food Fix.

Chef Marc Murphy shows his Ditch Dog

When you walk in to this event you really need to asses the situation and plan a strategy. You're surrounded by all your favorite food cravings; but don't worry, you will get to them all. Start off with an Aperol Spritz, then when no one is looking... ATTACK!  Hit one station at a time. Get a Ditch Dog topped with Mac & Cheese at Ditch Plains, Grilled Cheese & Gazpacho at Whole Foods, an Isabella's Slider, a Veggie Quesadilla and a shot of tequila at Mamajuana, then a Shake Shack Corn Dog followed by a 5 Napkin Burger. 5000 calories later, take a breath before Round 2 begins.

Under the tent

Time to get your drink on! With so many to choose from it's time to navigate and figure out whether to make a splash at Arrogant Frog wines, Four Roses Bourbon, Zyr Vodka or Blue Moon Beer? Ah, what-the-hell try them all! Then, off to the dance floor with DJ Phresh spinning at the turn table where some man is really getting his groove on, while the crowd surrounds him with cheers! Woohoo... GO MAN GO!

Artie"s Deli

Now that you've worked up an appetite. Ready? Set? Virgil's BBQ Ribs, Indie Food & Wine TBLT sandwich, Artie's Deli Pastrami Sandwich and another 5 Napkin Burger. Try Bodrum Mediterranean restaurant's Mitite Kofta, Piyaz with Pilaf rice, but watch out because it's pipping hot! How about Kangaroo Shepard's pie from Sunburnt Calf? Yup. Cafe Frida tenia una mini Mixiote de Cordero con Guacamole muy rico!

5 Napkin Burger
10,000 calories later and it's time for dessert! Sarabeth herself tempts everyone with her scrumptious bread pudding. Bombolini has well, BOMBOLINI! Stop and stare at the giant bacon cake by Baconery while noshing on chocolate covered bacon strips, then move on to Gazela's Place for Baklava. Grab some chocolate chip, sugar and M & M Insomnia Cookies to-go because, if you're at all like me, you'll eat them later when you can't get to sleep.

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