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Restaurant North by NYC Sidewalker

Escape NYC with a short drive to Armonk, New York and have dinner at Restaurant North. Hudson Valley Restaurant Week lured us, as did the restaurant's great menu, so there was no better excuse to venture out for a new scene and what turned out to be an excellent dinner.

First things first, make reservations! Walk-in on a Friday night and this place is packed. Crowd is thirty-something and up and eager to nab the next available table in order to curate their sophisticated suburban palates. Seeing the delicious looking plates of food hit the tables, I could see I was in the right place. So after a short wait at the bar, a glass of wine and a nice conversation with the lovely Monique who happens to be the co-owner's wife, our table was ready. Just in time too, I was hungry.

Restaurant NorthRestaurant NorthRestaurant NorthRestaurant NorthRestaurant NorthRestaurant North
Restaurant NorthRestaurant NorthRestaurant NorthRestaurant NorthRestaurant NorthRestaurant North
Restaurant North, a set on Flickr.
North is a charming restaurant with modern elements in a cozy atmosphere. The staff is more than accommodating, friendly and caters to patrons in a attentive manner without being overbearing. The menu is New American with local ingredients appearing throughout.

We had the pleasure of meeting Chef Eric Gabrynowicz while he made his rounds around the restaurant saying hello and making sure everybody was happy. Chef Gabrynowicz is a delight. And I say that without trying to sound like someone's grandma, but it's true. He is just so nice. Trained in Danny Meyer's kitchen, he understands quality and service. The chef told us he remembers how excited he was when Danny Meyer himself came to North for dinner for the first time.

But anyway, enough about how great everybody is. If you really want to know if a restaurant is good, the proof is in the pudding! Which I did have for dessert, and yes it was delicious, as was everything else.

Appetizer Courses: Arugula & Crispy Onion Salad with Captian Lawrence Kolsch, Grain Mustard, Agave, Pistachios, Sprout Creek Touissant
Restaurant North

Sycamore Farms Pumpkin Risotto with Sugar baby pumpkin, Duck Confit and Parmigiano Reggiano

Main Courses: Meiller's Farm Whole Roasted Pork with Bacon & Grape Stew, Roasted Broccoli, Griddled Onions

Bobo Farms Chicken with Hammer MIlled Polenta with Swiss Chard, Pickeled Peppers and Roasted Hubbard Squash

Dessert Courses: "Super Awesome" Chocolate Chip Cookie Jane's Hudson Valley Vanilla Ice Cream

Proof was in the French Toast Bread "Pudding" Cranberry, Pear, Creme Anglaise, Almond Lace

Restaurant North
386 Main Street  Armonk, NY 10504
(914) 273-8686

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