FRIED & TRUE by Lee Brian Schrager

"The Sky is falling!" - Chicken Little

It finally happened! Our very own Lee Schrager, Director of SOBE and NYC Wine  & Food Fesival spread his wings, flew the coup and traveled in search for the best fried chicken, found it and wrote a book about it! FRIED & TRUE, the cookbook with finger lick'n fried chicken comes out Tuesday, May 20th and features more than 50 exciting fried chicken recipes from America’s most delicious kitchens, with 25 perfect sides to accompany them. WARNING: The fried chicken photos in this book may leave you feeling a bit peckish, so have the ingredients ready.

Don't miss the fun and follow @Lee_Schrager on Twitter as he shakes a tail feather in celebration of his book launch and runs around the city like a chicken with it's head cut off promoting. Meanwhile, don't chicken out, get your copy today on Amazon for just chicken feed. 

Okay, I need to stop because I can do this all day. One more thing... Why did the chicken cross the road? To become an NYC SIDEWALKER of course! Yolks on you, now cluck off and get a copy of FRIED & TRUE.

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