Bouley Bakery and Market

I went to Bouley Bakery and Market for just a lil morning something and was completely unimpressed and left unsatisfied and blah. First of all, I entered the bakery and instantly found myself underwhelmed. Although the bakery selections can seem good at first glance but, they're a bit played-out. I mean, these pasties and bread are nothing special and you can find anywhere. The hot bar food looks boring and unappetizing too.Let me be more clear, a chef like David Bouley should be turning-out a more innovated, modern product with flair like, per se, Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery at Time Warner Center does. Also, the dining area at Bouley is very dated reminding me of a Holiday Inn lobby circa 1986. The service attendants are very dismissive and outright uninterested with a hint of attitude adding to the drab of the environment. Bouley needs an all around makeover soon.

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