Gus & Gabriel Gastropub

Gus & Gabriel Gastropub is a new addition to the proliferation of great eats on the Upper West Side. It opened in the old Kefi location by the same owner Michael Psilakis but with a nice new look. There has been much to-do about whether Gus & Gabriel is really a gastropub or an elaborate diner. I say, who cares? IT'S GOOD! I mean seriously, if you can get all of your favorite American comfort foods, tweaked a-bit more modern, all under one roof, I say YES!
So this is how the evening went. First the restaurant treated us with an order of the BBQ Pork, Cheddar & Jalapeño Tater Tots with spicy BBQ sauce. Why was it given to us? I'm not sure. Maybe because after arriving we had to go to the ATM down the block to get cash after finding out they don't take credit cards. At least we found out before dinner; I wouldn't want to wash these dishes, too sloppy!
Next, had the Buttered Sweet Corn & Jalapeño Soup with crème fraîche, pecorino romano and chive. This was delicious! Just sweet enough, just spicy enough, just perfect.
Of course, I can never pass up a chance at potato skins since they are rarely offered on menus anymore; after all, it's not 1991. These skins were stuffed with chili, aged cheddar, monterey jack, bacon and sour cream.
There are great burger combinations offered but, the one that stuck out most to me was the Fried Egg, Bacon, Onion Rings & Gruyère Burger with french fries. The beef was cooked perfectly medium, the egg yolk runny, the cheese melted and the fries crispy. Even the cole slaw was one of the best and creamiest I've had.
The other entree was the Barbeue Roasted Pork Butt Steak with crispy onion strings, mashed potatoes, and corn. The problem I had with this dish was that I expected more of a pork steak or chop. This resembled pulled pork except clumpy and the sauce itself was eh. Since I'm critiquing, let me add that the food overall should be served hotter and the water served at the table in the attractive blue bottles should be cold.
Now for the best part, DESSERT! There is a large menu of fun drunken floats and shakes to choose from. So from the dessert menu, I ordered the Chipwich & Shake, a caramel ice cream, chocolate cookie sandwich that came along side of a Jim Beam bourbon spiked rich vanilla shake. I know, I know...
Gus & Gabriel Gastropub
222 W 79th St New York 10024
(Btwn Amsterdam Ave & Bway)

Phone: (212) 362-7470

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  1. I went to Gus and Gabriel's and thought it was great too! I like your pics.