New York Wine Expo

The 3rd Annual New York Wine Expo was held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center this weekend. A bold tasting with over 600 wines from around the world along with many of the winemakers who produce them in attendance to answer any questions. This was the perfect event to familiarize yourself with the color, bouquet and balance of different wines and compare the complexities in their depth, acidity, appley and finish. Of course, you could also have gone just to have a lip smacking good time!

The New York Wine Expo was a three day event. The Grand Tastings were held on Friday and Saturday. Sunday was reserved for the trade show. There were hundreds of tasters at the grand tastings. It was a wonderful way for novice wine appreciators and connoisseurs with expert palates to commingle and experience and enjoy different wines from different regions.
Upon entering the event you received a souvenir wine glass to which taste the different wines offered, along with a show program outlining the seminars and all the exhibitors present and their location in the convention center. Once you glanced over the program, your natural instincts kicked-in...FOLLOW YOUR NOSE!

Each country was specified with signs above, but as you approached your destination, the winery and their regions were also apparent. Vini Portugal was our first stop. Wines from Portugal are always a favorite due to the variety and types of wines that can be explored. From the crisp Vino Verde (green wine) made by Gazela, whom also was introducing their new Rosé wine, to wines made with the most common Portugues grape Castelão which make intense red wines with berry aromas.

We tried Vinhos Bacalhôa not to be confused with Bacalhau meaning codfish which made our pourer laugh! No portuguese tasting would be complete without a variety of delicious Port wines from Oporto. However, I didn't see any wines from Madeira Island, which are always so sweetly delicious.
Next stop was Spain, where Tempranillos were flying as they had a huge draw of Spanish wine aficionados reaching out there goblets trying to quench what seemed to be an uncontrollable thirst. Then, wines from France was of course one my favorites to sample, due to the fact that their wine regions are so well known even by the simplest wine drinkers. I gravitated towards Côtes du Rhône Wines and tasted several varieties of the Grenache, which my amateur palate detected hints of soft spiciness, which I liked! Italy and Germany completed our delectable European wine tour.

Also notable where the wines of New Zealand, whom had a nice organic wine. Oyster Bay Wines from New Zealand where memorable because I did enjoy the Sparkling Cuvée Brut and the winemakers were so nice too.

Of the South American Wines, I found most interesting the Bodega Del Fin del Mundo - Patagonia since this region in the southern end of Argentina is a dry desert terrain, where a resilient little grape produces a really good wine with a surprisingly balanced taste. By far my favorite table to visit was Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, decked-out in fun decorations, handing out purple beads and sparkling wine. These girls wanted to have fun!

As you can probably tell by now, we were in for a long yet sublime afternoon at the 3rd Annual New York Wine Expo. And so it continued table after table at this festive event, region by region, country to country where a lot of swirling, sniffing and sipping was going on and everyone seemed CHEERS-ful!

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