Manhattan Cocktail Classic

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is Back!
New York City’s multi-day festival celebrating the history, contemporary culture, and artful craft of the cocktail will take place on May 14-18, 2010
Educational Seminars will be held at Astor Center which will also host the Official Bar, a place to kick back and relax with a good cocktail in between all the seminars and events.

Stories from Behind the Bar with fabulous drinks thrown in, of course at some of NYC's best lounges; PDT, Death & Co, Mayahuel, Clover Club, Flatiron Lounge, Pegu Club, Employees Only, Macao Trading Company, Louis 649, Raines Law Room, Brandy Library, Apothéke, Double Crown/Madam Geneva, Little Branch and Dutch Kills.

Off Site Events like cocktail-fueled sunset harbor cruises, cocktail pairing dinners at some of New York’s finest restaurants, exclusive tastings of exceptionally rare hard to find spirits. The Dizzy Fizz; Death in the Afternoon; Micro Spirit Odyssey; Esquire Spring Fashion Launch; there's even going to be a double decker tour bus driving around stopping for Latin inspired libations all over the city... Aye yai yai!

Friday Night Gala at the Public Library Yes, at the "New York Public Library!"  The Gala will take over the entire landmark library, with a cocktail party that will defy expectation, convention, and just about everything else. Tuxes and top hats will be de rigueur along with feather boas, tap shoes and 1800’s clown costumes. But, I wonder if the drinks must be sipped in silence? Shhh...

Tickets to the Gala $100
All seminar sessions and off-site events are $50 per ticket. 
50% off with promo code: SUPERFAN (that means tix are $25 math geniuses)

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