West 3rd Common

Friday night at West 3rd Common boasts a happening bar scene and lounge area, and also what seems to be happy diners. West 3rd Common has been open since December and is the latest venture by owner Dan Warren who also owns Common Ground. It took two years to look for the perfect new spot near Washington Square Park, and by gosh he's found it!

3rd West Common's L-shape space is quite accommodating, it allows for the bar and restaurant to be far enough from each other to feel private, yet close enough to allow both sides to feel each others fun energy. Let's face-it... in some places bars are packed while the isolated dining area is empty. But not here, the flow is even and people feel comfortable enough to trickle back and forth from the bar to the lounge area. The decor is warm with lots of wood, low red velvet couches and fancy chandeliers. There's a bookshelf across the wall that hosts a traditional dining area.

7:30PM and Happy Hour was still in full swing. Specials consists of $3 draft beers, $4 well drinks and wine, and $5 cosmos and appletinis everyday from 4-8pm. "Specialty Cocktails" is where it's at! The bartender Erica keeps it fresh and exciting with creations that are more than delicious! First, I panic and order my default Dirty Vodka Martini with olives. It was good, but it's a pretty simple drink.

Then, I was smart enough to order the Lynchburg Lemonade - Jack Daniels, lemon juice, sugar, soda, and sprite...Whoa Nelly is it good! Perfectly tart muddled lemons floating around in a big pilsner glass, not a fancy-tini glass, and for $10 it's a cocktail steal. All the cocktails are tempting. I can't wait to try the popular Blueberry Pie (yes, also a cocktail -made with Stoli Blueberry, Bailey's, and Butterscotch Schnapps) Sweet! On weekends $20 bucks buys you a brunch entree and unlimited Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and Screwdrivers.

The kitchen is ran by Chef David Walker who with his Louisiana roots has created a menu that can't help but have some southern elements, but that's probably why it's good.

There are 3 types of wings on the menu: BBQ Dry Rub, Chipotle Buffalo and Sweet Chili Glaze Wings with namasu pickles; this one we tried. Yes... they were fried and sticky and sweet and spicy and good, but wing king they are not.

The Duck Sliders with kim chi and sweet hoisen on the other hand were a nice change of pace in the world of sliders. The cute lil' brioche buns are too delicious not to love.

Now here's a claim: "THE BEST BURGER IN THE CITY!" What? We must try this Common Burger with cheddar, tomato, arugula, and sautéed onions. The mixed blend patty is slightly grilled then steamed creating a system where the juices penetrate the meat, serving up a medium-well done burger that is juicy juicy juicy! It's served with herbed aioli and their now famous hot garlic french fries, which are garlicky enough to savor their uniqueness, but not enough to scare off your date. This Common Burger is pretty damn good and not common at all!

Who doesn't like fried chicken? Um...nobody. (except a vegetarian, but they don't count) Here the Fried Chicken is interestingly prepared. First, it is actually roasted, this makes the bird moist; then, the roasted pieces are battered and fried. Told-ya it was different. But, it works and the end result is tasty. The Spicy Fried Chicken is served with creamy cheddar and smoked gouda mac & cheese with a mustard slaw.

For Dessert: Chocolate Brownie with Peanut Butter, Cream Brulee Banana and Chocolate Cocoa Puffs a.k.a "The Elvis". Coincidentally the song Suspicious Minds by Elvis was playing overhead when we ordered it. I know...suspicious, right?

To top off dinner, the new Espresso Martini on the Spring cocktail menu. A special creation by Erica the bartender. She infuses vodka in vanilla and espresso beans, mixes the libation with a hint of Tia Maria liqueur and serves it with floating espresso beans. As a coffee lover, it doesn't get better than this for an after dinner cocktail.

BE FOREWARN: The cocktails at West 3rd Common are frisky concoctions that can induce feelings of Amore so be sure you're lucky enough to have someone special after you conjure up these love potions.

West 3rd Common
1 West 3rd Street
(btw Broadway & Mercer)

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