NYCWFF: Trucks & Train

CHOO! CHEW! Talk about a great way to close the 2012 Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival at Trucks & Train hosted by Andrew Zimmern with Food Trucks and a concert by Train! After a weekend festival that was sure to please any Food Network junkie and foodie alike, NYCWFF pulled out all the stops with an amazingly fun afternoon at Basketball City where folks lined up at their favorite Food Trucks serving-up good ol' street grub and got to enjoy a full concert by Grammy Award winning, multiplatinum group Train performing on a beautiful Fall day in the city.

AZ CanteenAZ Canteen Cabrito Butter Burger#NYCWFF TRUCKS & TRAINSolber Pupusas TruckSolber Pupusa PlatterCupcake Crew Truck
Cupcake Crew mini-cupcakeBongo Brothers TruckBongo Brothers Medianoche SandwichDomo Taco TruckDomo Fish Tempura Taco
Milk TruckMilk Truck Ham & Mac & CheeseBig Gay Ice Cream TruckBryan PetroffAwesomesauce SundaeKorilla BBQ Truck
Korilla Wonderbird TacoPizza Luca TruckPizza Luca MarghueritaPhil's Steak Truck
NYCWFF Trucks & Train, a set on Flickr.

The weather was perfect as crowds of people gathered at this huge outside event that mixed the love of food with the love of music. The stage was set as popular food trucks were rolling out tasty bites as fast as they can make them. Andrew Zimmern's truck AZ Cantina handed out cabrito butter burgers, that's goat burgers for you Bizarre Foods fans! Crif Dog showed off their new truck art and outrageous hot dog creation, Domo Taco had fish tempura tacos, Fun Buns NYC gave out pork belly buns, Pizza Luca had a vintage truck/pizza oven baking Margherita Pizza. Big Gay Ice Cream served an Awesomesauce Sundae, Souvlaki GR won Best of Event with their grilled pork pita.

Everyone munched truck side and washed it all down at the wine bars stocked with Save Me San Francisco Wine Co. showcasing Train's Gold Medal winning wines proudly named after some of the band's hit songs "Drops of Jupiter" red wine, "Calling All Angels" chardonnay, and "California 37" cabernet sauvignon, named after their newly released album.

All of a sudden, CHOOOO CHOOOO... a loud freight train sound came overhead as Train took the stage to perform a full set for thrilled concert-goers. They performed all their popular songs such as Soul Sister and Calling All Angels and even did a good rendition of Led Zeppelin's Ramble On. Lead singer Patrick Manohan was playful, amusing his fans by grabbing their cameras and taking pictures during his performance. The concert ended in rock star fashion as a bunch of groupies bumrushed on stage to sing and dance! - Man, was that fun!

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