Surrounded by the lights, noise, traffic, tourists and mayhem that is Midtown's Theater District, living in this neighborhood does have its perks; like, all of the above! As well as keeping current on show openings and closings, seeing many actors casually shopping at the bodegas and obviously going to see a Broadway play on a whim. There are many ways of doing this without going broke. You can stand in line at the Times Square's Ticket discount, go to TheaterMania.com for discount codes or get to the theater two hours before the show and get on the lottery where, if you are one of the approximately thirty winners you may buy Orchestra Seats for $25.00. All of these are great options since a ticket runs approximately $120. I opted for a discount code which reduced the price by 50% for my wonderful orchestra seats. But, enough about paying-the-man. The Tony's Awards are Sunday and Broadway fever is in the air plus, I WANNA ROCK!!! I had a Rockin' good time at Broadway's Rock Of Ages, an 80's theme rock play with all the favorite hair band songs. It is high energy and very funny. The cast is great, the era costumes are a riot, and well, I've never been flicked off so many times before in my life! (by the way, back-at-ya). Overall, it's a great play which, wait for it....wait for it.... I PREDICT WILL WIN THIS YEARS TONY FOR BEST MUSICAL! phew..don't forget, you heard it here first. Oh, I almost forgot: Groupies take cocktail orders from your seats. I had my favorite 80's drink, a cranberry vodka sprite (okay, so I sometimes drank it, when my mom wasn't looking). So lets review, don't be an air head go see this show, don't have a cow buying the tickets and have a Head Bangers Ball !!!


  1. We're rooting for ROCK of AGES to take the Tony for Best Musical -2700 miles from Radio City Music Hall! Best time I've ever had on Broadway. Period.

  2. Cool prediction! It would be fun to see it happen.

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