Katz Deli, what can I add about this New York institution that hasn't been said before? Except, that it truly is as good as everyone says, which explains why it's always crowded. The warm slightly fatty pastrami, the corned beef, the tongue and the chopped liver sandwiches are all favorites. Get'em however you want, with sauerkraut, onions, mayo, mustard, cheese... All good options and along side of some pickles and a cold Dr. Browns soda or a classic egg cream; you'll think you're in deli heaven. Everyone around me seemed to be getting the big fat steak fries and hot dogs too, but that's not what I was here for. I suggest going with a sandwich buddy so you can share and sample two different sandwiches. I ate half of a pastrami with mustard on rye bread and half of a chopped liver with onions on rye. Delicious! The staff is great too; very patient, helpful and relatively kind given they're dealing with so many tourists everyday. Except of course when the thin, strange, hungry looking young woman standing next to me asked the counter; "Do you have any veggie sandwiches?" She received a blank stare as an answer. Katz Deli born 1888 and will out live us all.

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