I must have been missing dear old Dad this Father's Day weekend because I found myself headed straight to try DBGB Kitchen & Bar. Daniel Boulud's new restaurant on Bowery Street. DBGB is the new trendy must-go-to spot specializing in Beer and Sausages. What's not to like, right Daddy? The space is marvelous! Large and spacious, decorated with a modern open kitchen flair, which makes you feel as if you're eating inside Boulud's very own glamorous kitchen at the chef's table. The bar area is just as big and accommodating, with bar seating and bistro tables that are perfect for the many non-reservation holders like myself. The menu reads like every other small plates restaurant now-a-days; salads, tete, oysters, elaborate small over priced burgers and mains. Except, there is also a sausage section which is the main draw of the restaurant, as well as the many beers that are available. The bar bites menu is more limited with many of the sausages served in a bun, adding a barsy fun element. My meal consisted of sharing the fried tripe, the DBGB beef hot dog with relish, the Tunisienne lamb sausage with harrisa, the Chipolata pork sausage with mustard and the Polonaise pork and veal kielbasa served sliced on apple and beet cabbage. The portions are small and the prices add up quickly, as for the sausages themselves well, lets just say my dad would have been pretty disappointed. They are good don't get me wrong but, when I think of sausages; I think of plump, spicy, meaty assortments of pork, lamb, chorizo, blood and chicken served piled high on a platter with an arrangement of different mustards, warm sauerkraut and caramelized apple cider onions, aside a long crusty baguette. And a cold German beer. Now that's a SAUSAGE PARTY!!! Happy Fathers Day Dad!

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  1. I sure could use some real hot italian sausage for father's day, oh by the way, leave "old" from dad when referring to your old man ha ha