"NEW" Yankee Stadium!

The Subway Series, New York Yankees vs. New York Mets at the "NEW" Yankee Stadium is where I spent my Sunday afternoon. The weather could not have been better, even my still winter white arms got a tan, maybe a bit on my nose too but, my new Yankee baseball cap kept me safe. It was my first time at the new stadium and I'm impressed! The stadium is modern and spacious.

Food is everywhere. There's a Hard Rock Cafe, Johnny Rockets, Asian Noodle Bowl and Lobel's has a meat locker with a butcher putting on a show for carnivorous onlookers who can then purchase a fresh steak sandwich to satisfy their craving. Also, there's a Brother Jimmy's barbecue from where I ate fried pickles that went well with my Nathan's corn dog and beer. I love baseball !!!

It helped that I had such great seats, 6th row from the field compliments of my CC (co-conspirator) we'll call him Bubba, who got them from a client at work. The game was a sweep Yankees 15-0 but still great! Specially when Matsui hit the home run into my area and the guy sitting five seats over caught it! So exciting! Now, I can't wait to go to the new Citi Field. See you there. Go New York!

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