Sunday and a high of 92 degrees so of course the natives were restless. New Yorkers were everywhere but mostly in Central Park and the surrounding area. Scantly dressed, they all had one agenda, taking in several doses of vitamin D. I started my afternoon with an iced coffee from La Bergamote (52 ST btwn 10 & 11 AVE). Their pastries and other delicious treats are very tempting and the outdoor seating area creates an inviting atmosphere. Afterwards, a walk up West End Ave then Riverside South introduced me to all the new buildings that have been going up. Columbus Circle was swarmed with people entering and exiting the park, all who seemed to be carrying an ice cream cone. A long walk up the Upper West Side brought me to Brother Jimmy's, a popular BBQ joint with several locations. They have the best nachos I've had in NYC, along with a rum punch and an order of ribs, it was the perfect unromantic sunset dinner.

I ended my night with a jumbo mug of coffee at Cafe Lalo, where I sat feeling melancholy on a stool at an open window which provided the perfect place to think about my day and contemplate my future.

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