Kyotofu is a Japanese dessert bar in Hell's Kitchen, but this is no ordinary dessert, it is all soy based however, you wouldn't know it by tasting it. I ordered the chef's three course tasting, which is perfect for two people and a great excuse to indulge in guiltless healthy sweets. At least that's what I convinced myself. The first course was the strawberry shortcake, a sansho pepper shortcake with tofu cream and strawberries. Second course, were three modern plated desserts, warm ginger-infused soy milk rice okayu, the warm miso chocolate cake with valrhona chocolate soybean ganache & green tea cream and, the sweet potato cheesecake which was delicious. The third course was a soy milk soft ice-cream twist of chocolate mochi and green tea. Kyotofu has a full cocktail, coffee and tea bar. It's a fun and delicious alternative to the everyday but, it can get crowded and seating is limited.

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