The ever so popular gastro-pub RESTO had its 2nd anniversary on Saturday and celebrated by roasting a 100lb Berkshire pig in a caja-china. This is a well known cooking device and technique used among many cultures and a great treat. I was eager to reserve my plate, so 2 for 9:00pm. We got there at 8:57pm and the place was busy while a lonesome table for two was waiting in the wing, yet we were not seated there and waited 30 minutes for another table. Eventually that other table was given out to someone whom came after us. Upon sitting we asked about the special only to be told they had ran out, even after we had reserved the plate as recommended. We were given a free beer by a very nice waitress which unfortunately was not our server. We ordered appetizers, first the boudin noir which is a blood sausage which was taken out of its casing to be spread on charred bread, second was the tete de cochon terrine, which essentially was a pigs head finger sandwich which was too spicy to taste the pork. Third, the deviled eggs, sliced and served on pork toast which was nothing but a square greasy croquette. We decided we would share the "famous" Resto burger we had heard so much about, what we got was a uneatable well done patty with no flavor on a cheap bun. The nice waitress advised us that the burgers are usually cooked medium-rare, which made sense, we had just got a dud. I mean how could a burger like this one possibly be on par with the Spotted Pig burger which is great! Our server, an older slower man, a few minutes later in contradiction told us that the burger is served medium-well. We were confused and told him the other waitress had said different, he was livid and shouted "WHO?" and went after her. The manager then came by and took our plate and said he would ask the chef. They all huddled by the cash register as if planning a great scheme. The manager told us he would take it off our tab, but immediately the server began to argue his point once again. So I laughed it off and said, Oh, UR so crazy man.. Well, the bomb exploded as he yelled "NO, YOU ARE CRAZY!!!" So enraged that the manager grabbed his shoulder. I couldn't believe the overreacting. As I sat there, the waitress came by again, so I asked if I had got her in trouble? She said, "Don't worry about it, he's just a cranky 70 year old ballet dancer" and walked away. I felt I'd just fell down the rabbit hole. Then, my companion says "Wow, cranky, 70 yr old, battling cancer." I said WHAT? REALLY? Is that what she said? So after explaining what I had understood, we proceeded to laugh uncontrollably, with a bit of guilt due to the presumably ailing waiter. So, I ask the waitress again; listen, did you say, battling cancer or ballet dancer? She said, "the last one". Thank goodness, I'm not going to hell.

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