The Juror and the Criminal

I had to go downtown after being summoned for dodging jury duty. Really, who likes jury duty? So, went downtown and was sat in the principals office, or that's what it felt like anyway. I got the matter resolved by picking a date to serve. Can't beat the system I suppose. The interesting thing was that this was the same day as Bernie Madoff [with your money] appeared in court and was hauled-off to jail. Downtown was a-buzz and the court house was on lock-down with security. It was great! I say throw away the key and make sure to get his wife and kids too. But really, he couldn't have pulled off a 65 billion dollar scam by himself as he clames or with his small staff. IT'S 65 BILLION DOLLARS! That money must be invested and stashed in infrastructures, governments, and economies all over the world. It's $65 billion! Hey, here's a thought, what if I would have served in the Madoff trail? I know, I know...he pleaded guilty already. Would've been fun though.

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