Kiss me I'm Irish... today!

Craziness ensued through the city streets today on St. Patricks Day. Drunk lil leprechauns hanged out of crowded pubs everywhere after the annual parade that marched up 5th Ave. The parade ran long with tireless marching bands, kilt wearing bagpipers, more bagpipers, and even more bagpipers. I watched the parade from 57th St and 5th Ave in front of Bergdorf Goodman; then, I ventured across to the street to FAO Schwarts and Louis Vuitton to look around but not before getting coffee at Bottega del Vino, a charming European style cafe where I chatted up a couple of tourists from Puerto Rico. Later, I had a couple of nontraditional pints of beer in plastic cups at Rumours pub on 55st and 8th Ave. Dinner consisted of a buzz curing burrito from Blockheads.

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