No meat on Friday/Portuguese Octopus

Octopus a-la-Macao Trading Co. restaurant

Recently went to Macao Trading Co. for dinner. They specialize in Chinese/Portuguese fare and is really more trendy than anything. When dining there you order a lot of dishes served family style. I ordered Chinese spare ribs, bacalau fried rice, ants on a tree, and Portuguese tripe which I modeled my octopus recipe after.

So here's what I did:

1.5lbs. raw Octopus from the fish monger. (cut it up with shears at home), sprinkle with a bit dried thyme.

In a bowl add but don't mix: 1 spat butter, 1 can MARZANO crushed tomatoes, 1/2 can chickpeas, one bunch of "fresh" basil leaves, tbs Goya sofrito, salt & pepper. (reserve)

In a deep pan heat some olive oil, sprinkle red pepper flakes (pizza flakes), add a thinly sliced onion, and 5 chopped fresh garlic cloves and heat through, then add octopus until cooked in seconds!

Stir in *prep bowl to octopus. Let simmer on low heat until bubbles slightly. (lemon opt)

Serve with a scoop of quinoa made according to package.

Sorry Macao, mine is better!

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