Rare Bar & Grill

Rare Bar and Grill has two locations, I went to the one on Bleeker St. and walked around the area first. The bars were packed and so were the tattoo parlors. The RARE burger is fantastic and so are mini-burgers trio. It was chef’s choice of the week and apparently blue cheese and bacon were on his mind, along side a very Caesary salad. The taste of anchovies and egg in the dressing was strikingly good. For starters, the French Fry Tasting Basket has a mix of cottage, shoestring & sweet potato fries with 4 dipping sauces and is hard to pass up but, instead beer battered onion rings replaced my sweet potato fries. The dipping sauces were kind-of boring, the chipotle ketchup is so 90's, and the maple syrup mayo was just gross! If I may make a suggestion to replace these with wasabi mayo, ginger katchup, key lime mayo and piri-piri katchup. After dinner, we went to Rocco's bakery and bought some mini Italian pastries to take home. Took a cab home, too stuffed for the subway. Good Grub Night!

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