Friday Night Nosh'n

Okay, so we went to St. Mark's Place and decided to cheap eats it for the night. Started at S'Mac which exclusively makes macaroni & cheese (yes, you read right). I had the 4 cheese nosh size $6.25. It came pipping hot and gooey. Then, I walked over to Pommes Frites this place only makes Belgium fries. They're thick and fried fresh then stacked in a paper cone and topped with your choice on mayo, mine was horseradish $4.50. It's a really good snack while walking around. Somehow then we ended up at Sing Sing Karaoke where well, you know... After drinking the $20.00 minimum required in Japanese beer and enjoying the show, specially that of the very entertaining 6ft. tall flamboyant geeky Asian guy singing Beyonce's "put a ring on it" while fanning himself, we ended up at Mamoun's Falafel for a falafel sandwich, so good for $2.50 (beware of the hot sauce).

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