Room Service in Hell's Kitchen

I walked around Hell's Kitchen tonight and went into my favorite jewelry and accessories shop K. Charles where I never manage to walk out empty handed. The shops owner is so nice and helpful.

Afterward, I went to dinner at Room Service the new Thai restaurant in Hell's Kitchen. Another Thai restaurant in Hell's Kitchen you say? YES! This particular space is decorated exaggeratedly over the top with a swanky crystal chandelier enclosed inside a glass case in the center of the restaurant and the stools at the bar are clear so, the entire place just seems to glisten like a giant gem. The food is another story. They seem to pride themselves on traditional Bangkok style cooking but, they still need to work on the simple things like bringing food to the table hot. An appetizer of honey glazed ribs were sent back for just that reason. Rice was cold too. The corn spring rolls were good and the Pad Thai was hot and tasty as was the chicken & shrimp stir fry which holds a disclaimer on the menu which reads, "This plate can’t be adjusted to suit American tastes." which of coarse means it is spicy but, I was up for the challenge and I won! The restaurant does not yet have a liquor license however, they are very accommodating with their BYOB policy which was great since there is a liquor store at the end of the block where wine and beer were bought.

Best part of the meal was going to Amy's Bread for desert. The cinnamon croissant muffin type popover and coffee were YUM! I love Amy's Bread!

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