"Havana Central" Times Square

It's Thursday night, you're in Times Square NYC and you're hungry. Sure, there are plenty of places you can go. Some recognizable franchise restaurants, some not so recognizable locals places. But, if you want a safe bet, that pretty much appeals to both tourists and locals alike, Havana Central is your best choice.

It's a large restaurant with a good turnover, which obviously means the food is fresh. And when it comes to Cuban food, no one wants a stinky piggy. Happy Hour is from 4pm-7pm serves $5 Mojitos, $4 Sangria and $3 beer.

At 8pm band YeraSon played, which the blondes sitting in the next table said, "wish there were room to dance!" The service is very good, with an attentive and a genuinely nice staff. The menu has traditional Cuban fare. We had the empanadas (shrimp, picadillo, and the Cuban). The Tamales in leaf looked better than they tasted; one pork one chicken.
The Oxtail was really tasty, in a savory but sweet sauce that went well with the white rice. A Cuban sandwich has ham, pork, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles in Cuban lard bread, hot pressed in a plancha. It's served with fried plantain chips. This is definitely one of the best Cuban sandwiches that I've had in the city. Dessert didn't really appeal to me, but I decided to buy the churros to-go. Here's some advice, don't buy the churros to-go. Other than that, enjoy!

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