"The Standard Grill"

After drinks at The Standard Beer Garden, dinner at The Standard Grill was next. You need to make reservations since this seems to be the city's new hot-spot, where those in need to see and be seen are flocking to every night. Modelesque, tall stature women and sharply dressed men are seen there drinking and dining, seemingly having a wonderful time.
The Standard Grill is part of The Standard Hotel which was built amongst the High Line in the Meat Packing District. The restaurant is nicely appointed. There's a bar area where charcuterie can be enjoyed. The main dining room is not formal nor stuffy. The decor overall is casually chic and welcoming. There is also an outdoor terrace area on the front sidewalk weather permiting, which is perfect for dining in the Summer.
Upon sitting, the restaurant serves pickled radishes, parmesan cheese, rolls and butter. The menu is printed daily with new American fare. I decided to stick with the grilled items starting with the merguez sausage stuffed squid, which was very spicy and very good along side a glass of red wine.
Entrees consisted of the Berkshire Pork Chop with spiced salt and the Sunburst Farm Rainbow Trout with currant & pine nut relish, which was amazing; slightly charred on the outside and moist inside. Everything was grilled to perfection and came accompanied with potatoes topped with paprika aioli complements of the house.
The service overall was good even though our server did come across a bit ditsy, she also looked exactly like actress Judy Greer. A visit to the Standard Grill is a good idea, but you're going to have to work for that reservation or dine late, at least until the buzz dies down. Besides, this is the Meat Packing District, so you tend to run late.

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