"The Standard Beer Garden"

Located literally underneath the High Line is The Standard Beer Garden. It's yet another addition and draw of the unique High Line in the Meat Packing District. The Beer Garden takes up an entire street corner and finding a place to sit and get drinks and table service is not difficult, so no reservations are needed. There is a full bar with beer, wine and cocktails available. They are still working on there beer selections availability, but there are plenty of cool libations to choose from on a hot New York night. Afterwards, you may want to try your hand at ping-pong since there are a couple of tables with eager opponents waiting. The crowed is mixed and the vibe is chill but trendy. It is quite interesting to sit under the High Line's concrete and beams knowing people above you are strolling. This is a great place to hang out and get a drink after your walk or while waiting for your table at the Standard Grill.

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