Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano restaurant serves "upscale, modern and authentic Mexican cuisine." It does! On my recent visit I experienced red carpet treatment. I was promptly greeted upon arriving, and chose to sit in the bar area to enjoy a delicious yet expensive $14 Margarita and a Negro Modelo beer in a frosty glass. I would prefer if the Margaritas were served in a Margarita glass instead of an Old-fashioned glass, because I'm just touristy like that. My reservation was honored on time even though the restaurant was very busy, and we were seated at a comfortable table upstairs.
The server introduced himself, and then of course we ordered their famous guacamole prepared table side, and enjoyed watching the art of guacamole making. (I think I can do it!) The guacamole is served with fresh, warm, salty tortillas chips and flour tortillas for rolling. Then, the very cordial and amicable floor manager Anthony came by to see how everything was, and suggested tasting some of his favorite dishes. Which are very good indeed!
Flautas de Pollo/Rolled Chicken Tacos, three rolled crispy chicken tacos topped with salsa pasilla de Oaxaca, salsa verde, queso fresco and crema, and the other,
Zarape de Pato/Layered Duck Tortilla Pie, roasted pulled duck layered between soft corn tortillas topped with a yellow pepper habanero cream sauce.
Our entree selection was the Tablones/Short Ribs, 18 ounces of grilled boneless beef short ribs with a mestiza sauce (tomatillo-tomato-chipotle) and rajas (slow-cooked Mexican peppers). It fell apart with a fork, tender. The sauce was just spicy enough and the dish came accompanied with flour tortillas, yellow rice and refried beans making it perfect for sharing. Additional sides of sweet fried plantains topped with melted queso fresco; as well as, a side of light creamy corn complemented the meal perfectly. And then came dessert! Or, as I prefer to call it, "The Rosa Mexicano Manhattan Project". Three delicious sugar coma inducing creations that will not only impress your table, but impress the many gawker tables around you too. So, they are:
Churros en una Bolsa/Mexican Cinnamon Doughnuts, piping hot Churros shaken in a pink paper bag tableside with sugar and cinnamon and served with three dipping sauces: Mexican chocolate, dulce de leche and raspberry. Churros were just as I remembered. I think I'll be ordering these to-go from time to time in the future.
Next, was the Tres Leches de la Casa/Three Milk Cake, toasted meringue covered spongy milky cake with citrus cream and mango salsa. WOW!And last, the Oaxaca Pudding Cake with crème fraîche and raspberry pomegranate sauce. What can I say about this dessert except that it is FABULOUS! Obviously gorged after an evening of gluttonous eating, we finished with a much needed espresso; when, the server asked, "Are you all spies for Dos Caminos?" Which would have got a bigger laugh if we could only breath!

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