"High Line"

The streets were paved with lemonade at the grand opening street festival of New York's newest, most interesting addition, The High Line. Target hosted the event, starting with the World's Largest Lemonade Stand. Free lemonade served from a 1,300 gallon, custom built Rosenwach water tank. It was really creative; I must've drank six cups of iced lemonade throughout the day, it was that good!

There was a kiddie area where lil' New Yorkers socialized doing crafts. As you continued down the street there were artists, inflatable sculptures and the West Side Cowboy from the Federation of Black Cowboys on his horse. There were street-level and roof-top music performances by the Hungry March Band, Zona Del Barrio and Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra. There was a postcards area where you could send someone a "Wish You Were Here!" sentiment for free, then grab a big fat refreshing wedge of watermelon.
Now, for the High Line... What is the High Line? Imagine an old eyesore railway, 30 feet overhead that has been converted into an artsy, wild flowers, walk way with the best new views of New York! That's right, the talented and innovative Friends of the High Line recycled this doomed for demolition rail road that hasn't seen a train since 1980. Now it's home to the coolest parkway, with lounging areas, walking paths, river and city views, and fashionable New Yorkers strolling about.
As you walk through the High Line you can still see some of the train tracks that have been incorporated into the design. The wild flowers that do attract a few bees are beautiful and the grassy area adds a park feel. The High Line is located on Manhattan's West Side. It runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to 34th Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues (currently it reaches 20 St).

As you enter the High Line you go into sensory overload since there really is so much to see, yet you are also suddenly hit with a sense of relaxation. An urban oasis!
As you proceed you approach the Standard Hotel. The Standard was built over the High Line allowing you to walk through the hotel. This is a nice area to escape from the Sun on a hot day. There are vendors selling tea and snacks, and there are a few spots to sit. As you exit this shady area, the city views are spectacular. It's a perspective of the city you've never seen. Billboards are right next to you and everything seems new. The river is in sight and so are sun seeking loungers sitting on deck recliners which rest on train wheels and tracks. Then, you come upon a descending sitting area with a window overlooking the middle of the street level, where you can watch the cars go by underneath, It's reminiscent of a glass-bottom boat. Walking the High Line, day or night is a true treat and worth a visit or five. There are many photo opportunities even for the most novice photographer (so don't forget your camera).

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  1. Oh, wow. I didn't realize there was an event or I would have totally gone. Looks fun!